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STEP 2 Ok you’re ready to choose from our many floor plans and our unlimited possibilities for customization to our floorplans. And if you haven’t yet found a suitable home site, we can help you find land too.

STEP 4 Your mortgage lender will help you complete the contract that connects your land to your new homes contract.

STEP 7  Get ready for a truly wonderful experience! Unlike some builders, we welcome you to drop by the building site any time to see how things are going. Be sure to bring a camera so you can document every step. And of course, feel free to stay in close touch with your building support person. Just so you know, ATD Builders, LLC will receive “draws” from your lender to cover each phase of construction as it’s completed.

STEP 3 Now it’s time to sit down with your preferred lender to determine exactly how much you can afford. Don’t have a lender? We have excellent working relationships with a number of reputable mortgage firms that are experienced with construction loans. Any of these lenders can help you find a mortgage that fits you.

Builder & Lender Timeline

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STEP 1 Meet with your ATD Building Consultant to discuss exactly what you want and need in your home & land location.

STEP 8  When your new home is completed, we will walk through the home with your building support person to make sure everything is just the way you want it. Then it’s time to review your warranty papers and start moving everything in.

STEP 5  Choose from variety of exterior and interior choices. After you’ve made all your selections and given your blueprints a final review, your New Home Consultant will create a document that includes any upgrades or options you might have chosen. We’ll then send the blueprints, features list and total home price to your mortgage lender.

ATD Builders, LLC

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STEP 6  Your Lender says "OK" Your now ready to close on your home loan & start construction on building your new home!